Spotting instead of normal period
An_248342 posted:
My periods are normally very regular (usually 28 day cycles) and I usually have tender breasts right after ovulation until I get my period. This month, I haven't had any breast tenderness at all. I was supposed to get my period yesterday but I have only been spotting on and off sine Sunday and no cramps or other PMS. Did I not ovulate this month? I got an LH surge on the ovulation predictor kit and I had middleschmerz like I normally do when I ovulate, but is it possible to have that and still not ovulate? Could it just be hormones? (As a side note, I also bleed if we have intercourse after ovulation/during the luteal phase....which I am guessing may be due to low progestrone?). The doctor said my hormone levels were normal, but the test was done on CD 16 instead of CD 3 or 21, so I'm not sure how accurate that was. Sorry about all the additional info. My question is what could be the reason for none of the usuall breast tenderness and spotting instead of my period?
Thank you.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Yes, it's possible you did not ovulate, even with an LH surge. When I was TTC many years ago, I was on Clomid. One cycle, I got the LH surge per the ovulation predictor kit but when they did an ultrasound, the follicles that were there were too small.