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Heavy bleeding
Nicoleades posted:
Any help? Back in 2011 aug I stopped having my periods. I was 45 three kids. No medical history, no cancer in my family. Then in dec. of 2011 got my period very heavy for two weeks, very heavy. Had a biopsy that showed simple hyperplasia without atypia. Then after a week of proverb had a d&c jan. of 2012 with a more in depth biopsy. That showed proliferation of lining. So my dr said everything should be fine. Feb 2011 light period, march 2012 more normal with one day heavy, then nothing in April, may and June. Then like a day of almost nothing. Same thing for July and aug. Then in sept 16 started bleeding heavy. It's now oct. 10 and I'm due for another d&c next week with a new dr. She happens to be an oncologist but she also sees regular patient. Has anyone else had this? I heard that if the proliferation comes back after a d&c there is cause for concern. I'm trying not to be concerned but I am. Any advice or insight would be greatly appritiated. Nicole
Anon_6061 responded:
These are just my thoughts. Hopefully, Nurse Practitioner Jane will come along with her expert input. Or you can search this forum for similar posts, e.g., heavy bleeding, hyperplasia.

Based on your age and irregular cycles, it sounds like you're perimenopausal. Anovulation (lack of ovulations) is common during this transition period and causes missed periods, thickening (proliferation) of the endometrium, and subsequent heavy and/or prolonged periods.

Provera is a common treatment for heavy bleeding and/or hyperplasia. But I thought it was usually taken for longer than 1 week and sometimes required several courses. That may be why your lining still showed up as "proliferative." Keep in mind though that proliferation is a normal function of the menstrual cycle. It isn't necessarily indicative of a problem as long as the lining is later shed / thinned out.

This link addresses the use of a progestin to treat simple hyperplasia - -
"Simple hyperplastic tissue progresses to cancer in only 5% of cases. It can be managed with a trial of cyclic medroxyprogesterone, 10 mg for 10 to 14 days of the month for 3 to 12 months, and a follow-up endometrial biopsy after the progestogen treatment."

There are quite a few articles in PubMed about hyperplasia.

Also, be aware that too many D&C's can cause Asherman's Syndrome (scarring of the uterine lining which can cause pain and other problems).
Nicoleades replied to Anon_6061's response:
Thank you. That article was helpful. Verified what is going on. I'm just so scared I'm going to hear the c word and I really don't want to hear that. Wish I could get my mind off of this until its done. The only other thing I didn't mention was that I've had a cyst on my lt. Overy forever. Years. Never really got out of hand but its there. Dr. did a ca. 125 and it was negative. Still maybe I have issue stemming from that. Just want answers and ones that I can handle. Thanks again. My last internal soon the other week was not impressive. Nothing she could see, so maybe things are ok. Just can't wait for my d/c next week. This will be my third. My first was in 2001, second this past jan. hope it won't be too many.

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