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    Includes Expert Content
    JANE HELP Update from Vaginal PT
    smjpain posted:
    Jane well it's early friday morning and still hurting from wed. that night I didn't sleep well, I was in so much pain I cried myself to sleep. Anyways now for my physical therapy apt. it was a very long apt. it last an hour and a half, she talked with me first about we had been talking about over the phone and by email then she asked me what I would like to do first I said the vaginal stuff so her and her student went out of the room and let me get undressed then she started the not so fun part she examinedpu me first to see what was really going on she said that I was very very red worse then last week when she saw me and also I have blisters on my inner labia like my GYN had seen on monday she barly touched me and I jumped back then she started pushing on different areas that hurt then it was time for the internal exam but before that she used some crisco on the area and massaged the area like what I was suppost to be doing but couldn't because it was very painful and was when she was doing it then she did the finger exam part and actually saw some blood and felt more blisters on the inside she even made me pee again just a little though she said she could feel me swelling up . She said that I need to talk with my GYN about the Blisters and then she pushed on my stomach pelvic area very very painful also I told her about the painful inscion and she examined that area and also felt a diference between that inscion and the other ones and had the student feel also then she did some massaging. Had me get dressed and did some more stretching and massaging she want me to call her in the morning to tell her how I am doing because she said no dialators yet just keep doing massaging vaginally and abdominal/pelvic stuff and she might have me come back next week before my apt. on the 22nd with her because she really wants to work on the vaginal stuff because that is what is bothering me the most she said we might have to do trigger point injections there and surgery if that and this stuff doesn't work and she wants to try and see me once a week. I have to keep an Eye on the discharge, blisters and bleeding. and that is also what my GYN says also so we will see what he has to say in the morning I have so much pain oh and she said to keep icing the area's that hurt. Jane I just want the pain to stop and I am glad I found actually three good Doctors two GYN's and one regular doc and one awesome physical therapyst.
    Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
    Dear smjpain: Yes, I agree you have found some excellent care providers for your very complex GYN issues. It is difficult to know about the source of the "blisters". Would it be a topical reaction to an irritant, genital herpes, or a form of atopic dermatitis--only your GYN can answer that question accurately.

    Trigger point injections can be helpful when the pain is very localized, and it would certainly be less invasive than surgery. Thank you for the continuing updates on your saga with vulvar-vaginal pain.


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