Light period/spotting
Kennie103 posted:
So here's a little history....
Earlier this year I had my regular pap smear and check up at my GYN and everything came back normal. I also have some cysts on my ovaries (but according to the Dr. not enough, and i also don't have any of the symptoms to be officially diagnosed with PCOS).

Anyway, my last period was September and it was really heavy and lasted exactly 7 days (which is long for me, it usually lasts about 5). Also, recently I have started working out a lot. More than usual. And since then I've noticed about 2 weeks after my period I got a really really light period for about a week. And now the same thing again this week, but it's so light it's like spotting as well.

I'm not sure what's causing this. If it's the excessive exercise (which I also started in September) or something else.....

Any advice or thoughts on what it could be are welcome....
LillianaHicksss responded:
Usually a light period can be caused by the exercise
Kennie103 replied to LillianaHicksss's response:
what also concerns me is that it hasn't been a month yet. So i'm having light bleeding inbetween. Waiting to see if I still get my regular period this month. I just started spotting yesterday. And i had a light period the last week in September. It's so frequent.