???Depot shot concern
An_248407 posted:
Ive been on the depot shot for the past 3 yrs. Lately its been afecting my sex life my husband wants me to get off it, I dont cause I like the fact I dont get my period. If I do get off the depot how will my body react to it.
secondsflat responded:
I am currently on my second course of Depo (which I believe is causing me issues so I'm not getting my next shot)

Not having a period is pretty awesome but Depo puts you at a higher risk for osteoporosis. Most doctors don't recommend it's use for more than two years because of the risk of bone loss.

I had a shot in April of last year, decided to take a break, and it took me until December to get my period back. It and the following periods I had were what was normal for me before starting birth control. I am only speaking from personal experience so I can't say the same will happen to you,