Plan b
An_248417 posted:
My girlfriend took plan b the day she was suppose to start her period and she still hasnt had it yet and it been 4 days. She took one test 5 days ago that came up positive (did not tell me about till after she then took plan b) then 3 days ago she took another test that came up negative. Is she pregnant or did the pill give a false reading?
DesperateandHopeless responded:
plan b works by taking it as soon as you realize the condom broke, or a missed birth control pill, and has to be taken within 24-72 hours of your "accident". plan b stops the egg from attaching to the lining of the uterus. plan b will not work if the egg is already attached, ie if she is already pregnant. plan b is not RU-486 ( abortion pill). all the information about plan b is on the packaging, and taking it when you are supposed to start your period is way far from how it works, there are directions on the box. false readings on pregnancy tests happen all the time, but did she show you the positive pregnancy test? have you and her been in a recent argument/ breakup?