Birth Control Withdrawal Bleeding Not Occuring, Chance Of Pregnancy?
TamJam16 posted:

I have been taking orally administered Birth Control Pills since mid july, with perfect use the whole time. I have reached the end of my first packet, and I'm on my "period week" of pills (they are blue). I took the first one yesterday at the normal time, and I just took the second one a few hours ago. As of now, my "withdrawal bleeding" has not started. I have been been pretty sexually active recently, relying on Birth Control Pills as the primary form of contraception (my boyfriend does not wear a condom). If my period has not started yet, will it begin soon? Could I be pregnant? There are only 5 blue pills left before I start a new packet.

Please help!
TamJam16 responded:
Jane Harrison Hohner please help! Your wisdom would be much appreciated
georgiagail responded:
It can take a few days for bleeding to begin. Assuming you've taken your pills accurately, they are highly effective at preventing a pregnancy.

TamJam16 replied to georgiagail's response:
thanks, that makes me feel better
tlkittycat1968 responded:
When I was on the pill, I'd start my placebo week Sunday and my period would start Wednesday.