Darcy01 posted:
Had my yearly GYN exam to include pelvic examination and pap smear. I have always had exam performed by the Doctor but was informed right before the exam that a Nurse Practitioner would be performing the exam. Sometime after the time this Yearly Wellness exam was scheduled the Doctor starting using the Nurse Practitioner to handle the "overflow" of patients. She showed me no privacy during the breast exam or the pelvic exam. She was extremely rough and when I got home I had blood on my underwear. I have never had such a HORRIBLE experience. I did address that I thought this was the worse GYN experience I had ever had and she indicated she was sorry. I inquiried before leaving the exam room if next years exam could be performed by the Doctor and was told that I could just to have the front desk NOTE that in my chart. I feel that I need to say something to at least the office manager about this situation.

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tlkittycat1968 responded:
I would inform your doctor of your less than satisfactory visit. It may not be the first complaint regarding the nurse practitioner and the doctor will see there is a pattern.