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Help read this in my Urine test, what it means?
USA28 posted:
Hello, last night I went to the ER regarding to passing a lot of blood clots and menorrhagia.
They did a blood test and urine test and some sort of ovaries sono, everything was normal so they discharge me.
I never really know my blood type so I ask them, they say they don't really test for blood type unless I need a blood transfusion. Since my blood test come out normal, I am not loosing blood, so blood transfusion was not needed.
To my urine test, since I was no my menstrual, there was blood together in my urine.
On the test, everything was Negative and Normal.
But these three column it said:
Urine Blood 3+ AB
Urine RBCs Cells too Numerous to Count AB
Urine WBCs 25-50 AB
I don't know what it means, does it means my blood type is AB?
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear USA28: No, that does not mean your blood type is AB. To get an accurate blood type you would need a separate blood test sent to a specialized division in the laboratory. I agree it is important to know your blood type. If you get pregnant a blood type is often done to find out if the women is Rh negative (or positive); the letter of blood type is done as well. Another way to find out your blood type is to donate blood (eg at the Red Cross). They can give you a card with your blood type on it.

In terms of your urine labs you mentioned you had vaginal bleeding mixed in with the sample. That could explain the 3 level of blood and the too numerous to count red blood cells. White blood cells (WBC) in the urine were 25-50--the normal range is none -few. When that many WBC are seen we worry about a urinary tract infection. In your case, it may indicate WBCs from vaginal discharge (common finding) that got mixed in with the blood.


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