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JANE Painful PAP
smjpain posted:
Hi Jane it's me again well today was my physical I went to my GYN's office but didn't see my GYN I saw my GYN's ARNP but I have seen her before and she was also the one who I seen in the ER for my STD testing. Anyways I told her everything that has gone on in the past three days I had to go to the ER on monday so much pelvic pain, then yesturday my regular doctor saw me also to see if she could help she just put me on strong pain killers until my GYN see's me on tuesday, anyways on-to the physical she pushed on my stomach pelvic area I almost jumped off the table then the breast exam that hurt also and then the most painful part just her touching me was bad I have blisters but they are not std's because she tested me for that and they were bleeding, then she did the spec pap which it was very hard for her to get the spec. in and then she said she saw some blood on the vaginal cuff area again, but got it to stop somehow then she did the pelvic she couldn't hardly finish that because it hurt so bad. She said that she would be talking with my GYN later and might have to have me come back in tommrow before I go back to Iowa city before or see him on monday instead of Tuesday. She doesn't know why I am getting blisters but said she wanted to talk with my GYN about it. Tommrow is my Vaginal Physical therapy which is going to hurt but it seems like I feel alot better after she does it,Last week I almost peed on her again oh and the ARNP wants my PT lady to check and see if I am still bleeding . What do you think the blisters could be because they it's and burn oh and whit stuff has been coming out of them and it doesn't smell to good.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear smjpain: Yes, the painful blisters are a surprising finding since you apparently tested negative for herpes. Some other possible sources of vaginal blisters can include: topical reaction to a irritating substances or friction,bacterial infection (usually more crusty looking), atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, or much more rarely erythema multiforme. Here is a link to more information about this rare condition:

Perhaps your vaginal therapy PT will have a clinical impression about the blistering as well. The vulvar specialty clinic is another place where a diagnosis might be obtained.

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