I need help
Tupperoo912 posted:
So I recently got married and my health insurance won't kick in for another month. So I just wanted to know if anybody could give any educated guesses as to what is going on with me. For about a month I have been feeling fatigued, sick to my stomach in the evening before bed, my breasts hurt and oddly...itch but there is nothing there. I just got my period but for the second month in a row it has only been spotting and has only lasted 3 days...There is a big chance I could be pregnant bc we are trying for a baby, but I have taken many tests and they all say negative. It isn't too early bc it has been a month since I was last "with" my husband (he is in the military and currently training in a different state). I guess my question is could there be a possibility of false negatives on all of the tests? If not what else could be going on with my body bc it has been acting very strange...
georgiagail responded:
It would be unusual that after this length of time, you would be having "false negative" pregnancy test results.

Conception occurs in the fallopian tubes; the fertilized egg then travels to the uterus where it implants. Until this implantation takes place, the body is unaware of the pregnancy.

As a very general rule, it takes up to 7 days after conception for implantation to take place. If pregnancy tests are done prior to this, the result will be "negative"; in this case a false negative since there is a fertilized egg but implantation has not taken place yet.

However, it would not take a fertilized egg a month to travel to the uterus to implant.

Have you taken a RECENT pregnancy test or were these all taken in the time prior to implantation?

Tupperoo912 replied to georgiagail's response:
Recent and if that is the case how come there are some women that never know they are pregnant until half way through or the end..
georgiagail replied to Tupperoo912's response:
Who can explain why someone wouldn't wonder about a pregnancy if they miss menstruating for 9 months while gaining weight despite not eating more?

The point is, it appears you have taken pregnancy tests after enough time has passed for implantation to occur.

tlkittycat1968 replied to Tupperoo912's response:
Some women bleed during pregnancy and they mistake that for their period. Some women have no symptoms and mistake the baby moving for gas. Some women are told they can't have kids so dismiss any symptoms they feel.
Tupperoo912 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Thank you. It isn't their fault they dont know they are pregnant you can bleed during pregnancy and they dont gain weight.