cynbon21 posted:
To the above posts,I had a longer than expected operation time as things didn't go as planned, I was there for 4 hours.By mistake(?) I did not get post-opt instructions or post-opt expectations.I was a bit dissapointed in the results as I thought all of my period problems would be behind me thereafter. I had the surgery Sept 21st and have had some weird things happening with my body since. On going bleeding and cramps and period symtoms and fatigue. Discharge in a squirting kinda way??? All I can say is take out stock in Pads, cause the stuff never stops coming out.My body has become some sort of discharge machine.One reason I did this surgery was because I couldn't have sex because as I was always a bloody mess,now I can't figure what and when things will be coming out of me??? There goes my sex in the suburbs sex life! This really sucks! Maybe I can say it's a squirting orgasam?lol But really,I no longer have health ins so I can't go back to my doctor so freely and things are still as mess.I started a new job 2 days after the surgery and I may have regrets.For anyone considering this surgery talk to your friends,family,blogs etc.It's not all for the best. BTW-this is NOT a form of birth control! I am 51,so I was told slight chance sister! I was dating a 31 yr PR ,Never say never.Ask for ref from your doctor! Good luck to all ! I hope your results are better!
65$ CO-PAY sounded good! too good to be true !
Anon_6061 responded:
Sorry for your dreadful experience! I also received medical treatment for which I wasn't given full disclosure and my health has been permanently compromised.

Since it's only been a month since the ablation, it's too soon to tell if this will be a long-term problem. Hope it improves and you're back to normal soon!
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Hi Anon,
Thank you for the support,I'm sorry for your turnout. The Doctors make it seem as if it's a fast and easy solution. I guess as the saying goes anything too good to be true... I do think that the Doctor thought it was in my best interest however,I've found out since certain" body types" (vggs) are not ideal for this type of surgery.I feel like the Dr should be able to "see" this up front and not during the surgery. In addition,I think Dr's receive incentives by the "Novasure" to push a produre as if it is a sales promotion. Dr's have sales goals to meet in a way too. With that in mind,I hope and have to believe I was not a sales goal and all was in my best interest as well as yours.
I thank you for your thoughts.
Wish you well!