Month long period, not on contraceptive pills.
sara_j posted:
I have been on my period for one month and 2 weeks. I am not on any birth control and have not been on any for probably just over a year. I have been having 4 month gaps between each period, sometimes longer. Since september i have only had 4 days where it has showed signs of slowing down. At the moment it is ridiculously heavy, i am having to change 4 times a day using the highest absorbency sanitary towels and showering 3 times as a day as its been going through my clothes. The last time i went to the doctors about this i was told it was totally normal to have irregular periods and that there was not a lot they could do. I have had bad effects from trying different contraceptive pills in the past but ive never had a period this heavy or lasting for this long.
georgiagail responded:
While it is not unusual to have irregular periods, it is highly unusual to have a menstrual period that lasts six weeks.

This is NOT a menstrual period. This is abnormal vaginal bleeding that has nothing to do with menstruation. It needs to be looked into now. There is a real concern for severe anemia from all of this blood loss.