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Blood in Uterus
christamarie07 posted:
Had to go to the ER today due to mild/severe abdominal pain.
After XRAYS and ultrasounds, everything looks ok except the doctor said I have excessive blood in my uterus.
I'm scheduled to see me OB/GYN in the morning.
Should I be concerned?
Also, I just had my right ovary removed at the end of September. Could this be related?
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear christamarie: There are two possible explanations for "excessive blood in the uterus".

1. Hematometra---This is a collection of blood or unexpelled menstrual blood trapped inside the uterus. I have seen this condition where the cervical canal has scarred over (eg from a laser or LEEP procedure) such that the blood can not pass out into the vagina. I have also seen it after an abortion where the cervix is temporarily swollen shut so blood is retained. Lastly, some congenital abnormal structures of the uterus can prevent flow from escaping. This later cause is usually found only in young teen women. Retained blood in the uterus can prompt abdominal pain and an enlarged, tender uterus.

2. A too-thick, excessive uterine lining--In this scenario it is not blood, rather an excessively thick lining inside the uterus This is way more common than a hematometra. The usual cause of a too thick lining is missed ovulations. The concern with a thickened lining is the development of abnormal, precancerous cells. This would not cause abdominal pain.

You mentioned having had removal of your right ovary last month. It is unlikely for blood related to your surgery to be trapped inside the uterus. It would be possible that you could have missed several ovulations due to the stress of the surgery and any right ovary problems.

The consultation with the GYN should give you the most "for sure" answer. They can clarify what exactly was seen on ultrasound--blood in the uterus or an excessively thick lining. Bottom line, both are readily treatable.


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