menopause questions
An_248659 posted:
Ok i am going through the anxiety & blues with menopause, whats safe to take for this, my aunt had cancer & died. I am not taking anything because i don't want cancer. Can i do a low dose birth control?
Anon_6061 responded:
Since birth control pills have higher hormone levels than hormone replacement, not sure how they could be safer. I've always wondered why the big HRT scare but BCP's are handed out like "candy." I know the WHI study was flawed and new studies are showing HRT in a more favorable light. Hopefully, Nurse Practitioner Jane will weigh in here on the HRT versus BCP issue.

Also, studies show that estrogen alone doesn't increase risk of breast cancer. It's the progestin in combined HRT that shows a slight increased risk. But I believe all BCP's have more progestin than combined HRT's so not sure how they could be safer.