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Pelvic Floor Therapy
lionbaby73 posted:
I'm about to start having PFT for pelvic pain. Has any of you ever had this done? What do they do?
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear lionbaby: I can only recommend pelvic floor PT for pelvic pain based upon my clinical experience. I have seen it benefit many women. The exact type of therapy will depend upon the exact nature/location of the pain. As you may have read on our Board, smjpain is utilizing a pelvic floor PT. You might want to read some of her postings where she talks about this.

In Support,
smjpain responded:
Yes Jane is right I am going through pelvic pain PT right now I really like my therapyst she is AWESOME especially that area she is the only one in my state Iowa who deals with chronic pelvic pain and also women with chronic vaginal pain if you read alot of my post I talk about her and what she does I would recomend finding a women PT who does this treatment In-fact I'm not even sure many men do this therapy because some of my apts. include vaginal stuff getting you comfortable with having vaginal exams so it is less painful and so on.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP replied to smjpain's response:
Dear lionbaby: There you have it from one who has actually been a pelvic floor PT patient. Hope you have as good an experience as smjpain.