Excessive Clotting during my Menstrual Cycle
maryeckenrode posted:
I started my period last Saturday with out any signs or warnings. I got done with my dialysis treatment and went to use the bathroom and this very large clot about the size of half of my hand just fell out, after that the bleeding picked up and the clotting is worse they vary in size and color and sometimes the bleeding is a constant drip so sometimes its hard for me to even get up off the toilet without making a mess. I was diagnosed with PCOS years ago so my periods have been irregular and then there were times they were regular but in all my years I have nver had one like this and this is day 9 for me and it looks like tommorrow will be day 10 on 10/29/12. Can someone please give me any clues as to what is going on and if I should schedule an appt with someone. I'm really starting to get worried, Help please.
georgiagail responded:
What you need to question is whether this bleeding actually represents a menstrual period or is due to some other medical issue that has nothing to do with menstruation.

If you are on day 9 of this and are still bleeding heavily, you DO need to get this looked into medically. Now. You are already at risk of anemia being a renal patient.