Possibility of being pregrant?
An_248759 posted:
So last month me and my boyfriend had intercourse the next day I had my period. This month we have intercourse again butt this time no period. Now my boobs are feeling heavy like if I'm going to start my period but no bleeding. In the past before becoming sexually activite I've always this time of year had skipped a month of my period. Could this be my body contuing to skip my period or am I really pregrant?
fcl responded:
You've missed your period - take a pregnancy test and see.
Parkour_Girlfriend replied to fcl's response:
I have this Tuesday and it came out negitive. So why Am I still feeling like I am? Could it be possible my body is going thru a change?
georgiagail replied to Parkour_Girlfriend's response:
It sounds like you are experiencing PMS and your menstrual period may be a bit late.