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Undiagnosed - Hormone Imbalance?
Jsheader posted:
I've posted before, each time thinking something else was possibly wrong with me, but now I'm scheduled to visit an endocrinologist in two weeks, and think that maybe a hormone imbalance may be to blame for all of my symptoms, which include - [br>Hair loss (all over for about ten years, but mostly on the top of my head, said to be female pattern baldness, which I don't buy)[br>Migraines (have had for twenty years)[br>Knee pain in my right knee (MRI shows nothing, was told I'm just chubby and getting older)[br>A fleshy-feeling lump in my throat (barium test showed nothing)[br>Several yeast infections in the past year, plus a UTI[br>Blurred vision at times[br>Trouble concentrating[br>Trouble losing weight (I went from doing nothing to exercising five hours a week and lost only 3 pounds in six weeks)[br>Anxiety attacks (worse recently, but have had them for about 10 years)[br>[br>[br>More recently (in the past couple of weeks, I've been now noticing - [br>Itchy skin (mostly at night, in the scalp, back, feet, arms, legs and groin, pretty unbearable)[br>Heart palpitations[br>Hand tremors[br>Light-headedness/dizziness, mostly after standing, but not always[br>I've had so many tests, but the only hormone tests I've had are for my thyroid, all of which came back normal. I'm a 35-year-old woman and have had one pregnancy (and hope to have another one once I figure this all out).[br>[br>These things are really consuming my life and I really feel as though the doctors are trying to play everything off as coincidence, but I just know there's something wrong. If anyone has any advice or ideas on what might be going on, I would greatly appreciate the comments. I'm just at the end of my rope and don't know where to go from here if the endocrinologist doesn't find anything. Please help![br>[br>Jackie
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear Jackie: Gosh, any one of those symptoms would be distressing, what to speak of the entire list! I am not a general endocrinologist, so I can only comment of the likelihood of a GYN hormone imbalance being the culprit. Most often problems with estrogen, progesterone, LH, FSH, and increased androgens (male hormones) will manifest with menstrual/fertility problems. It is also true that female hair loss can be tied to hormonal issues (eg excessive androgens, thyroid problems, cushings syndrome of the adrenal gland). There are also hormonal migraines (estrogen withdrawal menstrual migraines).

In my own clinical experience I have found that most women would hope that there was one common cause for their varied symptoms. Sometimes we can find a single medical diagnosis that does cause the entire spectrum of symptoms. Yet, more often the symptoms are found to be from several different conditions. Your choice to see an endocrinologist is a good one. Just be prepared that they might have a hormonal explanation for only some of the symptoms. Hopefully they can give you effective treatment for some of the most distressing symptoms.

In Support,

PS: Here is a link to a brief overview of female hair loss:

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