Antibiotics & Mirena IUD
An_248776 posted:
I have had the iud for Ab 4yrs now and I was wondering if I have been taking 1000mg of antibiotics daily for 4days and was sexually active with my boyfriend during that time, is there anyway possible I could've gotten pregnant? And also I'm having it taken out in a week and was wondering how long after does it take for your body to get back to its normal period schedule or does it ever??
georgiagail responded:
The concern over antibiotics negatively affecting hormone containing birth control is generally unnecessary. The only antibiotics that MAY affect this type of birth control are rarely used; for example, Rifampin (listed in the attached article) use is often limited to treating tuberculosis.

The more commonly used antibiotics have no effect on birth control.

How long it takes for your body to return to its normal period schedule varies widely.