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Possible PCOS - What should I insist on?
skigirl1689 posted:

I am 23 years old with some of the symptoms of PCOS: acne, excessive facial and stomach hair, some long cycles, heavy bleeding with large clots. I began menstruating when I was 14, almost 15, but did not have regular cycles until I was 18 and they still are sometimes irregular.

I was about 20 when the excessive hair became noticeable and asked my nurse practitioner about the possibility of PCOS. She said because my cycles were fairly regular, I did not have it and did not do any testing. She only offered me the pill which I am not a fan of so I did not go on it.

However, the hairiness has gotten progressively worse and my acne is not going away. I asked my relative who is a nurse if it was possible to have PCOS and still have regular cycles. She said yes, her sister has the condition but has normal cycles.

I am on a waiting list to see a new N.P. to get my antidepressant renewed. I want to get tested to make sure these symptoms do not indicate PCOS or other medical issues.

What testing should I request and what questions should I ask? If it is PCOS, are there alternative treatments other than the pill?

Thanks in advance!
RachelRaye07 responded:
I also have PCOS and I have found that the contraceptive, the Nuva Ring really helps. Good luck hun!
skigirl1689 replied to RachelRaye07's response:
Thanks! I would like to know what tests should I ask for when I get into see someone. I am worried my concerns will be brushed aside again.
rutherforddeni replied to skigirl1689's response:
Im 22 and I just got tested for PCOS and you need bloodwork (fasting insulin, and a few others..but don't worry it's just one needle) and an ultrasound for them to look at your uterus and ovaries and see if anything looks abnormal.

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