I've had my period five times in two months..
An_248837 posted:
I've had my period three times in the past five weeks, and an average of five times in two months. I am almost constantly PMSing. Pads give me rashes so I use tampons and am always sore, down there. I'm just about 16 and this has been progressively getting worse since I first got my period at 12, which was about two times a week. A year ago I went to gynecologist and told her about my problem, which at the time was only twice a month at the time, and she brushed me off and called me a "fertility goddess". My mom thinks I am exaggerating to get on birth control and isn't taking me seriously. I am out of options! Whats wrong with me? And how can I fix it?
Char888 responded:
You need to see a dr right away. You must have your bloodwork done to see if this additional bleeding is now causing you to be anemic. This is nothing to brush off. They may want to put you on or change your birth control or put you on some as 'hormone therapy'. If they brush you off INSIST they STOP and pay attention. say HEY! This is my body and Im SCARED! I want HELP NOW! and if you cannot give it to me I will go to someone who really cares.