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Making Changes
Henry S Lodge, MD posted:
You realize it's time to change some habits, and you're wondering how to get started.

While some people can slowly and gradually take on new routines by dipping their toes in the water, this is rare when it comes to exercising -- and I don't usually recommend it. If you're not where you want to be in terms of your physical fitness, you're better off jumping into the deep end of the pool. There's a bit of a shock value to it. But once you start moving, you'll adapt quickly and feel better, faster.

Of course, before you make any major changes in the amount of physical activity you take on, talk with your doctor to be sure you're healthy enough for vigorous exercise. In fact, the moment you stop reading this blog, get on the phone and schedule that doctor's appointment. Then mark the day after as "Starting Day" on your calendar. You're never going to "find time" to exercise. You'll have to change your priorities and make time. This means you're deciding that you are actually going to get in great shape and commit to at least four days a week for exercise.

The same is true for your nutrition. I'm never a fan of formal diets. But you can make some dramatic changes by giving up starchy foods and sweets, for instance. After the first couple of weeks you really won't miss your old habits. You'll notice that your daytime energy has increased and lasts much longer than when you were on the sugar swings of a standard American diet.

The main point here is don't wait! Start getting fit today! What's stopping you?

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