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Period concerns..?
Ashuhbear93 posted:
I am 19, and sexually active. Have not used any form of contraceptive-reason being my boyfriend and I are ready for a baby, and can financially support one. I used to be on the depovera shot for a few years. January of this year I stopped getting the shots. My periods went almost instantly back to normal, except for being 5 days instead of 3, and heavier. Well, last month it was late. It usually comes the 5th of every month. It came the 9th. It started with light bright red spotting, then brown, then heavy red. It lasted 2 days and happened in that order. This month, my period still isn't here. I am not sure what this could mean? I took two pregnancy tests last month and they we're negative. I also had period symptomns like sore boobs, cramping, back ache, etc. Which, usually, I never get any period symptomns and my periods are always easy. Although, additionally to the other new symptomns last month, I wasn't very hungry and I was slightly nauseous. Not to mention I was VERY emotional and sensitive. For a few days I was crying over ever little thing and not myself. Hence why I took the pregnancy tests. After the spotting bleeding which I believe was my period last month, all my symptoms with it went away. Now, like I said, my period isn't here still. My boobs also hurt. I am very confused as to why my period is like this or what it could mean and why...please help?

Thanks, Ashlee
georgiagail responded:
Your symptoms of sore breasts (not boobs, breasts), cramping and backache along with the emotional symptoms can also be due to PMS so it is often difficult to determine whether they represent pregnancy or menstruation.

If two pregnancy tests have been negative..and they were done accurately..then it is unlikely you are pregnant but rather are experiencing PMS symptoms relating to starting menstruation. It is not unusual that the time schedule for menstruation, symptoms associated with this, the length of menstruation, etc. will change throughout a females reproductive lifetime.

Ashuhbear93 replied to georgiagail's response:
Last month I took the pregnancy tests. This month I have not taken any. My period is a week late today. I am not sure if it is just my period changing on me, or if I should take a pregnancy test again this month..
georgiagail replied to Ashuhbear93's response:
Since you've been engaging in unprotected intercourse, it would be a very good idea to take another pregnancy test.


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