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Jane Thoughts on Bladder repair/lift
smjpain posted:
So Jane I come to you with a problem I have been having since my HISS and has now become so bad the only thing I can do is have my GYN perform a vaginal/bladder lift surgery because my Awesome vaginal PT can't seem to get muscles to fire up they are basicly dead.So this is what has been happening leaking on my GYN and PT Awesome women and leaking all over my moms bed because of laughing/coughing walking sneezing anytime it always feels like I have to pee I sometimes wake up with my bed sheets being wet and my underwear are always damp which could be why I have yeast infections on a positvie note I will be seeing an AWESOME imunologyt at Uof I on dec. 27th to figure out why I keep getting infections my Awesome PT women even recomended her because she goes to her. Did I mention this before my PT women rocks she has made my burning sensation go from a 9 to a 4 and also abdominal pain has lessend but she has felt more adhesions in that area which means GYN will be looking for them during bladder repair. I also am going to have Trigger point injections in the abdominal area which will help till I can get in for surgery. I am pretty scared about having surgery less then six months. What are the procedures done in a repair.
Anon_6061 responded:
I know you're waiting on Jane's input. But I wanted to throw out a couple of questions and comments. Did you have your ovaries removed too? If you did or if your ovaries stopped working then low estrogen can contribute to incontinence. Are you sure your bladder has prolapsed? I didn't think prolapse usually happened that quickly after hysterectomy. Here's a link about incontinence - symptoms, tests, treatments (non-surgical and surgical) -

Urogynecologists are the experts in bladder repair. They would do more of these surgeries than regular gynecologists. I know women who had bladder repair at the same time as their hysterectomy and a urogyn did the bladder repair part of the surgery. Also, urogyns can sometimes use your own tissue to fashion the "sling" versus mesh that has been shown to be problematic in a number of patients (based on the mesh lawsuits). Good luck in getting relief.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear smjpain: Anon_6061 has given some good input about surgical repair for urinary stress incontinence. As I recall, you have been on estrogen after having a total hysterectomy so a surgery maybe your best choice.

I am not a uro-gynecologist so I do not have a specific favorites, or experiences with, bladder surgery. Here is a link to a discussion of the various types of procedures which can be utilized:

I would urge you to read about all the methods discussed so you can ask the most informed questions before deciding upon another surgery.

We are so glad that your superb pelvic floor PT has both brought your pain down, and possibly detected some adhesions (which can be excised in the future). Trigger point injections can be a good option for pain relief--without having to do systemic pain medications (ie narcotics). I am excited that you might be able to find some reasons for the repeated (and often severe) infections. All of this is excellent news.

In Hope,

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