Vaginal hysterectomy and bladder sling
An_248936 posted:
I just had a vaginal hysterectomy (kept ovaries) and bladder sling 2 days ago. From what I was told the surgery went very well, and there were no complications. My first day home, I was pretty sore, and of course had a little difficulty urinating. However, I was urinating. Today, I am extremely bloated, and seem to not be able to urinate although I feel the need to. I have also noticed that I have not had a bowel movement today. Should I be concerned that there is an issue with the bladder sling? Or is it possible that I am just constipated?
Thank you
Anon_160335 responded:
Call your doctor for peace of mind. I have noticed on t.v.
there are lawsuits concering bladder slings. This does not mean you have a serious problem with your sling.
Anon_6061 responded:
Hopefully, you've gone by now! Sometimes the sling is too tight and they have to go in and loosen it. But since it's very early in your recovery, this feeling like you need to go but not able to could just be part of the healing process. Of course, if it continues, a call to your doctor is in order.