Periods in between periods
AKelley2012 posted:
I have been on BC since i was 18 and i will be 21 in a few months. For the first year I was Orthotrycilin. everything was fine and then one month I had a light period in the middle of the month and then my regular one at the end of the month. I thought it was weird but didnt think anything about it. Then it happened again the next month. So I waited until my pills were out and I had to go back to get more and asked them what I should do. So they switched my pills to the Orthotrycilin lo saying it was the lowest dosage and that maybe that would help. well at first i thought it was I wasnt as moody as I was on the other pack and I was having so many symptoms like I was pregnant but every test i took said negative. I have been married now since march of this year. were not trying to get pregnant. but my body is being weird. But like i said I started the lower dosage and some symptoms were going away but still in the middle of the month for two or three days Ill have a little period. I dont know what the deal is and Im tired of wearing a light day pad every day bc I dont know what days it will do this. I take my pills every night around the same time. So i dont know what to do. If any suggestions please let me know thank you