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Stopped the Pill and Put on Weight
serendipity90 posted:
Hi there,

When I was 18 I started taking Neovletta - the equivalent of Microgynon - and had no side effects aside from the fact that I suddenly managed to shift some of the kilos that I had not been able to before. I thought nothing of it and thought maybe it was because I was having sex.

Then I came off of the pill.

Over the last 2 years I have put on 12 kilos. My eating habits have not changed and if anything have become healthier; I exercise regularly, I have a very healthy balance, and I have no medical problems that I am aware of. My periods are (very) regular and I am completely at a loss as to how I could possibly be gaining weight let alone not losing it. It has been incredibly, incredibly depressing for me and I am at my wits end.

There are only two things that I know for sure have changed: I stopped having sex and I stopped taking the pill. I have also moved country, but don't really consider this a factor in weight gain.

Is it possible that coming off of the pill has caused me to gain weight, even if not directly but by my hormones not being regulated any more? I mentioned it to my GP but I was brushed aside. I am considering going back on the pill purely to see whether it works and, if it does, going back and asking why.

Thank you for your help!
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear serendipity: It is more common for women to complain of five pounds of weight gain when using birth control pills (BCPs). Yet rarely I have heard a patient state that they gained weight when off BCPs.

There is no overt explanation for this weight gain. One postulated reason has been more "PMS" eating. It is very unlikely that hormonal changes caused by going off ovarian suppression is the culprit.

So why might you be gaining all that weight? Here is a link to an excellent overview of hidden reasons for weight gain when diet and exercise have not changed:


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