PCOS, Thick Uterine Lining, Cysts, Not Pregnant
An_249073 posted:
I am TERRIFIED as to what is to come...

Went to the doctor because there was a little "hum" of awkward feeling in my lower abdomen for a year or so. He did some bloodwork and an ultrasound to test me for PCOS. I had all of the symptoms including the embarrassing facial hair that I have to shave off everyday (higher testerone level), periods less frequently, difficulty shedding weight regardless of an intense workout regimen, etc. When the results came back I did in fact have PCOS as well as a benign cyst on my right ovary. He said my left over looked very complex and it was something that he was concerned about. He also said my uterine lining was 14.5 mm thick (usually its supposed to be 8mm I believe) and this is something he said he may need to do a D&C on me. I am 22 and FREAKING OUT about this. I want children so badly and am considering try to have children now so that I don't wait until it's nearly impossible or dangerous for my health. I was on birth control (the pill and then the Nuva Ring) a couple of years ago and stopped it because it made me fat and gross.

I was put on Provera to get a period and I am literally praying that this takes away the thick uterine lining. I was put on spirolactone (a diuretic) to get the facial hair under control and help with my lower abdomen discomfort. I'm going to go back in a few weeks after I get my period to have another ultrasound.

What could be happening to me?! Is this something that I need to worry about? Can this be cured with medicine???

Any feedback would be helpful. Thank you ladies!
sjb05151956 responded:
According to this link http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0001408/ "Losing just 5% of your body weight can help your hormone imbalance and may make it easier to get pregnant."

Since Provera is typically used to treat a thickened lining, hopefully that will be the case for you. According to the above link, diabetes drug metformin is another option to regulate periods. It also treats insulin resistance and may help you lose weight. There are some studies in PubMed about PCOS and pregnancy. Good luck to you in managing your PCOS and having a baby!