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SEVERELY increased sex drive.
An_249080 posted:
I am 32 yrs old and normally I am not too interested in sex unless I am fixin to start my period (ovulating). But about 3 weeks ago, my husband had gotten in the shower with me and I KNEW what he wanted lol and I didn't! Well needless to say, we did...And ever since then it is like a switch has been turned on. All I think about is sex. I can't seem to get satisfied with just having sex one time a day. I need it almost all day. I can't stop thinking about it. I even bought "toys" to help me out a bit since I know my husband is getting tired. It has gotten to where I think about sex with other men. I see a random guy and I want to jump him. I have thought about who I knew that I could have sex with. I have even looked up pornography. I cannot satisfy this hunger. My emotions are SO up and down and I never know how I am going to react to anything! I am so frustrated sexually and mentally I don't know what to do. I feel like something is wrong because I am not acting like "me" I have been aggressive (sexually & other ways). My moods are like a roller coaster. Last night I had a complete breakdown and I just wanted to literally die. I am a mess. I am currently taking prozac for anxiety & depression, which I have dealt with for years. My husband thinks I may be experiencing PTSD from my childhood (abuse) because of the things I have been dealing with. I guess after reading this I need to see a doctor lol. But ANY advice or suggestions would be SO greatly appreciated!!!
Watercolor1600 responded:
You need to see your doctor. Your medication may need to be ajusted. You may need to talk to someone and your doctor can
help you with this.

Will all the roller coaster moods, be carful and do not do anything that can hurt or destroy your marriage.

Take care of yourself and know your doctor will help you get pass this.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear An: I concur with Watercolor's reply. You mentioned being on Prozac. Sometimes these serotonin type medications can "unmask" a type of bipolar disorder (one symtom of which is roller coaster moods and hyper-sexual activities). A change in medicatons can be very helpful if this is the actual diagnosis.

PLEASE, please see whomever is prescribing your Prozac as soon as possible and share with them what has been happening. Your husband may also have a correct insight which should be shared as well.

In Concern,
statarb123 responded:
hey i am male in singapore age 26, i believe i am the only guy who can resolve this for you as i am able to have sex non stop. i am also facing the same issues that you are facing. the tremendous need to have sex. fortunately if we ever meet someday i believe you will like everything about me. keep in touch ok..?
statarb123 responded:
no one can understand how delibitating this condition is. whoever that cant match up to your sexual needs will be disregarded as a partner. there is nothing wrong with this trust me, many women out there also face this condition, where they suddenly got 'switched on' for example after giving birth. there is a medical term for this condition. everything will be ok, u just need to find your male equivalent. i really do understand, as a guy i also experienced this, somewhere somehow i was switched on and became multi orgasmic, i can cum like 10 times in 20 mins. this is the equivalent of breaking the world record where the guy cummed 16 times in 1 hour. i did 10 in 20 mins guess what i dont even feel tired. u just need to find someone who can satisfy this and you will be fine.
statarb123 responded:
its called PGAD = Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder

it can be suddenly triggered into anyone.
bpcookie replied to statarb123's response:
She is married.
If you suffer with Vulva and or Vagina pain, please join my community called VULVA AND VAGINA PAIN SUPPORT GROUP. No woman should suffer in silence.
bpcookie replied to statarb123's response:
This happened to me and it lasted about 6 months. I am married and I wanted it from my husband three times a day. But that is just not possible. I did NOT have to find a man who could keep up with me and I would never cheat on my husband. There are other ways to take care of your needs besides finding another man and ruining your marriage. So your advice is wrong.
If you suffer with Vulva and or Vagina pain, please join my community called VULVA AND VAGINA PAIN SUPPORT GROUP. No woman should suffer in silence.

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