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    thick uterine lining15.5mm to 19mm
    An_249082 posted:
    I have had abnormal bleeding since my Feb period. I had excessive bleeding for a month with losts of clotting and bleeding. Finally in March I had an appoontment with gyn and she did a quick scrap in the office. this quick biopsy showed polyps. I tried Doc set me up for a regular and transvaginal ultrasound for May. I had a uterine lining measuring 19mm. After ultra sound went in for a D&C in June. The entire time had constant excessive bleeding. After D&C i had two regular 7 day periods. As of October 10th I began with excessive bleeding again, had another trnsvaginal ultrasound and currently have a uterine lining of 15.5 mm. Doc is having me try a progesterine to return me to a regular period and to expell current uterine lining. She has scheduled a hysteroscopy for 12/20. Doc also said to add an IUD during procedure to help regulate me. my concern is the lining and the growth. Should the linng grow back that fast and to that thickness? is the course of action correct? how will i know if the lining really has been expelled? shold another ultra sound be done to check?
    sjb05151956 responded:
    Here's a link about hyperplasia - Progestins are the first line treatment. Table 2 details regression and progression percentages by type (simple, complex, with and without atypia).

    You didn't mention your longer menstrual history such as if you were very regular for many years prior to February. Polyps can cause heavy bleeding but if they're completely gone, something else must be going on. Endocrine problems or clotting disorders can also cause menstrual irregularities.
    annpremetaposal47 replied to sjb05151956's response:
    my menstrual history was very regular from the age of thirteen to 45. I had low flow first day then 3 to 4 heavy flow days then 2 days of low flow. I only missed periods during two pregnancies. Around the age of 45 my cycles began to get slower. First day low flow, 2 days heavy flow, and last day low flow. So I went from having a 7 day period to a 5 day but still never missed a month. Just concerned with why the lining would get thick again so quickly.
    sjb05151956 replied to annpremetaposal47's response:
    Since you're mid-40's, you could very well be in peri-menopause when ovulations tend to be sporadic. This can cause a thick lining that can come and go during this transition to menopause. I personally know a number of women who had a thick lining that ended up being nothing serious. Some were in peri-menopause and others in early menopause. I don't know though if the short amount of time it took for your lining to thicken since the D&C is unusual or not. But the good thing is that endometrial hyperplasia is usually treatable with meds. Hope that's all you need.
    annpremetaposal47 replied to sjb05151956's response:
    thanks for the information.

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