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ovulation 7 days after 1st day of period
Melanya907 posted:
I had a missed miscarriage and d&c on October 14th. 34 days later my period started. It was a slightly heavier but otherwise normal. We planned to start ttc in January so didn't want to resume taking the pill. I decided to track my ovulation so I'd know about when I needed to use my diaphragm. The first day I tested I was ovulating! That was 4 days after my period ended. The ovulation line on the test strip was as dark as the control line the next day as well before starting to lighten. I am having early pregnancy symptoms, including nipple twinges & cramping that only ever occurred with implantation the first time. I am wondering if I likely experienced anovulation bleeding followed immediately by ovulation or If I may have truly ovulated twice within a 2 week time period.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear Melanya: We are sorry to hear about your recent pregnancy loss. Based upon the two scenarios you have offered (and that the ovulation predictor kit was accurate), my best GUESS is that you had anovulatory bleeding after the D&C followed by an actual ovulation. This is how women apparently "conceive while on my period". An episode of two ovulations within two weeks is much less common.

Gosh, I hope that you actually conceived if you were trying. You should wait until at least 14 days after "ovulation" to check with a sensitive pregnancy test if you are having pregnancy symptoms. Hopefully you won't have an actual menstruation in about two weeks.

In Support,
Melanya907 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
Thank you. Yes, I am pregnant. We were hoping to wait one more month but we are not unhappy with this surprise, just nervous. Our concern is whether my uterus is ready. If implantation happened 11-12 days after the last day of my period is that enough time for my uterus to build up a healthy lining?
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP replied to Melanya907's response:
Dear Melanya: Congrats on conceiving--albeit unexpectedly! Given that you apparently conceived after a probable anovulatory bleed that still means you had estrogen stimulation to rebuild a lining prior to ovulation. Most early miscarriages are not a result of inadequate lining preparation, rather it is postulated to be a problem with the ovum or embryo.

Your concern is understandable. I would urge you to notify your OB/GYN (if you haven't done so already). They are in the position to give you the most "for sure"answer.

Hope you have a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery.


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