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smjpain posted:
Hi Jane it's smjpain again well yesturday I got a call from my Vulver specialist nurse about some cultures she got from the 26th they came up positve for Micro Test YEAST but it is Moderate Candida Torulopsis Glabrata Torgla she wanted to use Purple Paint stuff on me on Monday because she said that Diflucan won't treat it funny things I have no symptoms just the odor well now I can't even see her because of me having to be on Iowa Care and having to go to Broadlawns in Des.Moines first and this guy from Iowa City claims they have a Vulver Vaginal specialist there which they don't they are just a regular GYN and I cant even get into them until march. I can't go that long without treatment well My GYN in Mason isn't for sure he wants to treat it because I have no realy symptoms the only thing is I am having odor and cramping like which could be all the pain so on monday I was told by his nurse to call and let him know if I have any symptoms well now today I noticed I am very red again which I wasn't three days ago the odor has gotten much stronger and my underwear has had some greenish yellow stuff but when I look there is nothing. I was thinking about not waiting till monday and just going to the ER he might be on call. Plus I won't even be in MC my home town I will be in Iowa City seeing my PT lady which will be very painful because of the infection it is a big mess this guy said I couldn't even come to see her until I get reffered back by that clinic who can't get me in till march and she wanted to see me before that because of the infections still oh and I also started having some burning tonight. This isn't right at all my Dad is in the military and is contacting the Governer about it.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear smjpain: Wow, so someone took the time to culture out the subtype of your chronic, recurrent yeast infections. And, in fact, you do have the non-typical subtypes (Glabrata & Torulopsis). It is true that most all of our usual yeast treatments (eg Difulcan, clotrimazole, miconazole, etc) work best on the predominant subtype (Albicans). It is also true that sometimes Gentian Violet needs to be applied in the vagina to take care of the atypical subtypes. Hopefully someone will be able to treat you with this messy, but worth a try, treatment.


PS Be sure to wear trashed underpants with a pad as Gentian Violet can stain skin, clothes, bedding.
williamsmb responded:
I was suffering yeast infection, just tried many methods, not working.
Trust me do not take any medicine from doctores, they will work but they will also do harm to your body. And i try that green and healty solution, and i eat food with nutritions, vitamins and minerals.

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