Vaginal Mucus?
hopelesslyconfused posted:
I have been having, what I can only explain as, mucus when I wipe. And I usually have to wipe 2-3 times because of this. I was wondering what can cause this?

I haven't been sexually active in almost three years. I also didn't notice this until after I had my daughter (who is now 2). I can't remember if I had it when I was pregnant or not. My co-worker has the same problem and doesn't know why she has it either.

I don't know if this has to do with the mucus but my underwear are almost always wet and get stained so I have to keep throwing them away or wearing liners. I had gone to the doctor about this and got told that everything was fine. Is it normal for some people to have that much vaginal discharge? Nothing comes out discolored, but it does have an odor I don't know how to describe.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Some people have more discharge than others and that's perfectly normal. I notice additional discharge around my ovulation time which I never noticed before. I wear panty liners and change them daily.