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smjpain posted:
Hi Jane I went to my GYN in my hometown yesturday morning because I still was having problems with the infection. Well he had to do an exam it hurt alot he said that I still have a realy bad infection the inner walls of the vaginal opening were very swolen and discharge that wasn't smelling good either. But then he looked deeper in with the Speculum and saw a red bump were my Cuff is and he poked at it with a q-tip and I almost kicked him in the face I had tears in my eyes it hurt so bad he kept poking at it he said it was there after my HISS and he has been keeping an eye on it since then and it hasn't gotten any better and it's painful when touching it with a q-tip and also doesn't bleed so I have to have Colposcopy on the 7th with him because he needs to biopsy it and see if it's cancer or endometriosis which neither of the two are good. If it is endo he will have to do surgery to see if there is more growths on the inside if it's cancer I'm not sure and don't want to even think of it being cancer. Well so more diflucan for a week also said if it doesn't work I will have to either be put on it for a month or IV meds because I have been having so much pain also cramping mostly he uped my dosage of lortab to 7.5/500 1-2 tabs every 6hrs. I am freeking out about the growth it scares me to think I could have cancer or endo and have to have surgery again.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear smjpain: It would be less likely that cancer is the culprit. MUCH more likely would be endometriosis ("endo") in the scar at the back of the vagina ("vaginal cuff") as there are published reports of endo appearing even in the scars of a C-section. Another POSSIBILITY would be a lump of granulation tissue (deeper tissue layers that get caught up in the sutured layers). This later would actually be the most common explanation--although granulation tissue bleeds easily when touched.

One would hope that the week of Difulcan would decrease the vaginal inflammation by the time of the colposcopy on 1/7/13. I sincerely hope that any biopsy from the colpo shows only benign granulation tissue, rather than more endo. You have already been through so much (complete hysterectomy) from your initial endometriosis diagnosis.

In Support,

PS I would wonder, given the stress and anxiety around this new development, if you would be able to receive support from our Anxiety Board as well. You could double post your entries to us, and to them, and see if you get additional input--especially if you face additional procedures and pain. Here is that link:


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