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Mirena allergy? Help please!
shanji1 posted:
Dear Nirse/ Doc, Two years ago, I had my doctor insert the Mirena device. Ever since then, I have had what appears to be a yeast infection every other month or so and most months, I suffer from excessive, intense itching of my vulva before and during my period. My doctor did a battery of tests, HIV/STD, diabetes, ultrasound, etc. All returned negative and the ultrasound, normal. Could this simply be an allergy to Mirena? I don't miss my heavy menses(adenomyoma my dr says) or popping bcps, which cause me really bad mood swings, on top of which my family life is really busy. What do you think? Could this be an allergy? Have you ever heard of a Mirena allergy? I don't want to tie my tubes just yet, please, I crave your thoughts! Thanks Shanji
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear Shanji: I would be really surprised if this was an allergy to the Mirena. Given that the itching symptoms are most pronounced around menstruation I would wonder if you had a low grade yeast colonization which flare up around the time of flow--not an uncommon occurrence. Hopefully your GYN has done a yeast CULTURE to confirm or refute this as the culprit.

With the intense itching starting before your period it would not seem likely that this is a topical reaction to sanitary pads, or pantiliners. Alternatively you may have some other kind of dermatology condition which flares just before menses.

With an allergy, typically the symptoms are not confined to a single time frame when the pathogen (eg the synthetic progesterone in the Mirena) is present all the time. Some women do seem sensitive to the synthetic progestin in Mirena. Yet their side effects are usually things like acne, headaches, increased weight, etc.

Bottom line it sounds like your GYN is taking this symptom seriously. If it persists despite negative screens for yeast at the time when symptoms are present they might decide to refer you to a dermatologist. Derm MDs do a great job on vulvar skin problems.


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