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    Includes Expert Content
    An_249599 posted:
    sex is not enjoyable any more since i has a hysterectomy, it actually hurts. why?
    georgiagail responded:
    Haven't a clue. It is due to dryness? Lack of hormones (were your ovaries removed?)?

    Anon_6061 responded:
    I'm sorry to hear this. A couple of possibilities explaining the pain come to mind. If your cervix was removed, your vagina was shortened. This can sometimes cause pain with deep penetration. Also, vaginal dryness and atrophy can cause pain. A lubricant can help with dryness but only vaginal estrogen (available by prescription) can heal atrophied tissues.

    I don't enjoy sex any more either but it doesn't hurt - I just have almost no feeling down there or in my breasts. And I used to have such wonderful uterine orgasms. No libido either and my wonderful husband now feels more like a roommate. And this is with HRT. The hysterectomy has turned my life upside down. Truly sucks!
    honeylamb replied to Anon_6061's response:
    I have the same problem no feeling with sex or with my breast, thought I was alone in that respect. What can spice it up for me. Wish i was single sometimes because of the lack of feelings. Use to really enjoy it. I talk my mate about it, but he just does not understanstand.
    An_249696 replied to honeylamb's response:
    i've been on the pill 20 yrs. dr switched me to mirena (even though i never had kids an they say you are in severe pain if you hadnt)it hurt putting it in an for the 3 months i had it in me. felt like i was being cut inside. Took it out got depo provera shot still in alot pain and cramping.

    Oct 2011 i had kidney surgery to remove a tumor. Simple inch procedure left a 9 inch gash on my side with34 staples an stitches. i am still in pain from the surgery. still on depo shot. have numbness in lower half. no desire to have sex whatsoever. gyno says i shoudnt be in mood if in pain. nothing else to help. husband dont understand why im never in the mood. almost 2 years since ive had any desire.
    Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP replied to An_249696's response:
    Dear An: You certainly have several factors which MIGHT be contributing to low sexual desire. First, and most obvious, is your recent surgery for a tumor which left you with a huge scar and pain. Hopefully the tumor was not cancerous.

    The second is the use of DepoProvera. This large dose of synthetic progesterone suppresses ovulation, including the surge of androgens (male hormones) which precedes ovulation. DepoProvera was used as a treatment for sex offenders as it was found to suppress libido in men by decreasing androgen levels. Depo can even drive down estrogen levels in women. Despite all this, some women do not have desire problems with Depo; others do.

    PLEASE,please go back to your about the low libido concern. If there is another option for contraception (even vasectomy or tubal ligation) perhaps that can be tried as an option to the Depo to see if desire improves. Consider bringing your husband in for the appointment so he can give his input as well.

    In Support,

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