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Bleeding During Sex
An_249615 posted:
I am a female at the age of 59 yrs old. I have started bleeding during sex about 4 yrs ago and it burns like heck when I even try to do it to myself by sticking my finger inside of me just to get it lubricated. I can't even use the toys either it hurts too much. I have went to my Gynecologist and he had told me that my hole had shrunk and that my pap smear is normal, he also said that I have fibroid tumors but they will go away eventually after when I don't have my periods anymore. How can I get my hole back to it's original size so that I can have sex again without the bleeding and burning sensation? But I only get a light bleeding once every three months and I am experiencing hot flashes and night sweats. What does this mean exactly? How can I get to stop this bleeding and stop these hot flashes and night sweats?
Anon_6061 responded:
Based on your symptoms and your gynecologist's comment that "your hole had shrunk" (did he actually say "hole"?) it sounds like vaginal atrophy. As estrogen levels drop when nearing menopause and after menopause, the vaginal tissues can atrophy causing dryness, pain, shrinkage, and even spotting from irritation.

Lubricants can help with discomfort. Replens is a long lasting vaginal moisturizer (supposed to last for several days) that may be helpful. But only a vaginal estrogen product (available by prescription) will heal and maintain healthy vaginal tissues and blood vessels. These products are intended for local use only and don't have systemic effects (except they can have very slight systemic circulation until atrophy is resolved). It seems your gynecologist would have told you about this available treatment.
fcl responded:
I would start by finding a new doc. Yours apparently is either clueless about what he's doing or clueless about explaining things. Find a new doc and discuss the ins and outs, pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy. Apart from that, I agree entirely with what the other poster said.

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