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am i pregnat
Nightshade posted:
just had my son . he is just now alittle over 2 months old. my postpartum was good didnt have any problems. and about a week ago i have been excperincing nausa, and dizzyness but its only at night time. i am on birth control but i have had unprotected sex several times. any one know what i should do or have any advice on what is going on. should i talk with my doctor or take a HPT first .....even my husband is wandering if im pregnat again he keeps asking me and i have no clue.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear Nightshade (love your screen name!): While it is less likely that pregnancy is the cause of your symptoms it is always reasonable to rule that out with a pregnancy test. If the test is negative (which I would hope and expect given birth control pill use and only two months postpartum) then the search needs to be widened.

Some POSSIBLE causes of night time nausea can include:

1. Birth control pills (BCPs) taken at bedtime--If you take your pill in the evening try a small amount of food at the time of pill consumption. Usually BCP caused nausea will get better after a few months of use.

2. Heartburn or gastric reflux--These symptoms tend to worsen at night, especially after attempting to lie down.

3. Life stressors--Stress can have a variety of effects on the GI system ranging from diarrhea to nausea.

4. Migraine headaches--Migraines can produce both nausea and dizziness. Some types (eg ocular migraines) may not have the typical headache type symptom.

Bottom line, for the most "for sure" answer you should see your GYN or clinic. They can also do a reliable pregnancy test in the office. If the BCPs are a culprit a change in brand/formula can be helpful.

Congrats on your new son. We hope that the nausea/dizziness is easily fixed--you have enough to do with a brand new baby.


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