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Swollen labia minora, itchy vagina, small cuts that look like paper cuts, pain during sex. Help?
Dazed_and_Confused posted:
I'm really miserable from this. My inner vaginal lips are extremely swollen and I have these paper-cut looking red cuts on the inside of my outer lips. I have fits of unbearable, random itching, especially after i go to the bathroom. I haven't had intercourse with a man for 12 months, however I've been seeing a woman recently that i know is clean. It hurts to have anything inside of me, and if I try I feel sore after. I've done a lot of research online and it seemed at first to be a yeast infection (which i have never had before). I used a three day medicine (Monistat), but it gave me unbearable cramping in my ovaries/stomache area and apparently didn't treat whatever my problem is. Could someone help me out with this? I can't go to the doctor for at least a week and I'd like to try and treat this before then.
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear Dazed: I would concur with your assessment that a vaginal yeast infection is the most likely explanation for your symptoms. If the yeast is bad enough it can create small, paper-cut like breaks in the skin. Also if the yeast is bad enough it make take a longer exposure to an anti-fungal agent to get a cure. The best way to get the most accurate diagnosis if to have a sample of vaginal secretions examined under a microscope by a GYN or clinic. Given the severity of your symptoms you may wish to use an alternative yeast cream containing miconazole or clotrimazole both externally and internally. Your pharmacist can give you guidance about over the counter products. Just remember to not use anything vaginally for 48 hours before your exam--it can make interpretation of the vaginal discharge more difficult.

Another possibility MIGHT be a herpes simplex virus infection. Occasionally the sores will appear as paper cuts instead of the classic small ulcers. There is no over the counter treatment for this. You would need a prescription antiviral pill.

Lastly, you could have a topical reaction to some laundry product, soap, bath product, etc. In this situation a steroid cream can be helpful.

You can see that getting the right diagnosis is important so that the correct treatment can be prescribed.


PS: If you have ever had someone give you oral sex (or you use saliva for masturbation) you may be getting exposure to yeast. Yeast is present in the gut from the mouth to the rectum.
An_251121 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
have someehat of the same problem. im on the birthcontrol implanion an my periods stopped. but then i moved in with my dad and my brothers girlfriend had moved in and she has the nexplanon annshe started her period so did I. ever simce then ive been on it off and on spoting through out this. And recently my vaginal lips has become irratated and very itchy even has what looks like paper cuts. im not sure what to do, or if i have something thats not a yeast infection...nplease help !
bpcookie replied to An_251121's response:
I hope you don't mind if I chime in. Have you tried an OTC YI medication? You may just have a YI or something simple like that. Also there is something called Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus.That is when the vulva skin becomes thinner. This can cause the skin to rip, leaving what looks like paper cuts or fissures, it can also cause irritation to the vulva area which can make the area itch and or burn, which in turn can cause the labia minora to swell. VLS isn't common among younger women. So if your not old enough to be peri menopausal, then you most likely do not have this.

Of course seeing a Dr. is best. So that what ever is wrong can be diagnosed properly and can be treated. Until then, try putting an ice bag on the area, this should sooth it and help with the swelling too. Only use the ice for 20 mins at a time. Don't let the skin get too cold. You can also take a cool bath and add some oatmeal bath packs that you can get from the store. I hope you feel better soon.
An_255079 responded:
It's genital herpes. I went into see my OBGYN the other day, with the exact same problem. The paper cuts are actually an outbreak, but they look different from your typical herpes lesions. I'm pretty convinced this is what it is too, because I have already been diagnosed with Herpes Simplex 2 and I hadn't told my OBGYN yet. See your doctor, they can prescribe an antiviral cream.

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