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Extreme Nausea, Abdominal Pain, some vomiting when can take nausea and vaginal irritation
lilyankeegal posted:
Okay so we had the stomach virus go through our house after I had already been on an antibiotic 875 ml twice a day for a sinus infection. Then after everyone was better I woke up at 4 am extreme cramping like I needed to poop and started vomiting every where. This was about a week after I had already had the stomach virus and the kids too. Every since Dec 2nd I have had extreme nausea & abdominal pain. I have my tubes tied and just recently had my period. I am aggravated vaginally and there is a small odor as well and I am not peeing much. I took a stool softener the night of Dec 2nd had water like diarrhea Dec 3 and havent pooped since but have hardly eaten. I am still fatigued nauseated and have abdominal pain. I am at my witts end. I take Loratab 7.5 three times a day Wellbutrin once a day dexalant once a day. I at first thought constipation but now I am starting to wonder what is going on I cant take it anymore. HELP
darlyn05 responded:
Has it really been since "Dec 3" or did you mean Jan. 3?
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear lilyankeegal: So the extreme nausea/abdominal pain/absence of a bowel movement have been present for seven weeks. There is also vaginal irritation, and decreased urination---hope I am tracking you correctly.

The vaginal irritation could easily be a yeast infection as caused by the prolonged antibiotics for the sinus infection. Yet a yeast infection would not cause any of the other symptoms.

The nausea/abdominal pain/no BM could be caused by a bowel obstruction. It could also be a result of a large fecal impaction. Such an impaction can be caused by decreased fluids, decreased fiber food, and the three times daily use of narcotic pain medication.

The decreased urination could reflect lower fluid intake due to the nausea--- leading to dehydration. A problem with the kidney is more remote, but a kidney condition can certainly prompt severe nausea and loss of appetite.

To have such symptoms for even two weeks is concerning. PLEASE, please call your primary care MD, clinic, or even your GYN. You need a focused abdominal exam and likely some lab work to get the most "for sure" diagnosis.

In Concern,

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