Can I be Pregnant ?
Jade24 posted:
I have heard that you can have a normal period and still be pregnant. Is that true or false?

My bf and i had sex 4 mths ago and since then I have had my monthly period as normal and no signs of pregnancy.

However my tummy looks swollen similar to a baby bump. I did not visit my GP as i think it's not possible.
georgiagail responded:
There are some women who bleed early in pregnancy and mistake this for menstruation. It is not and it often does not resemble the "normal" monthly period.

If you remain worried, how about a home pregnancy test?

harleyquinn47 responded:
Some women do experience what is like a period. If it's the same flow and timing of your regular period, then I wouldn't worry too much about it. You could just be bloated, but until you find out for sure it could be anything. Or nothing. So go check it out! And if you are, CONGRATS!