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Can Virgins use an IUD??
HippyShay posted:
I am 20 and my bf is 22 and we are both waiting until marriage to make love, so when we become engaged I plan to start a form of birth control. We plan on being engaged for about a year or so, so that'll give my body time to adjust to the BC. I'm really interested in using an IUD because its something I won't have to worry about or think of for as long as I choose to use it (perfect for my horribly forgetful nature!!) and we don't plan on having kids for at least another 5 years after we're married- we wanna enjoy being married first! My question is, have any virgins out there used an IUD? What do they feel like and have you had any symptoms/drawbacks, etc.? Thanks! <3
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear HippyShay: Yes, a virgin can use an IUD, and it certainly can be helpful if you forget to, say, take a birth control pill every day. You might also be a candidate for other "forgetful woman" types of contraception. Some of these can include: NuvaRing, OrthoEvra Patch, Implanon, DepoProvera". You might want to check this link where you answer questions about your birth control needs and preferences:

If you intended to have the IUD inserted before ever having intercourse you might want to talk with your GYN or clinic first. You could see how you do with a general pelvic exam before considering IUD insertion.

Also, there are two types of IUDs (Mirena and Copper-T) each has somewhat different side effects. The characteristics of your current menstrual period may mandate one type of IUD over another. It is reasonable to see a GYN or clinic just to talk about your birth control options.