My period is 15 days early
An_249861 posted:
I am very regular when it comes to my monthly cycle, however I have started my period 15 days early. It is not the same consistency as my typical monthly period either. It seems to be much more watery versus mucusy from the uterine lining being discharged...This has never happened to me before so I am a little concerned. 6 days ago I went home early with a low grade fever that lasted 4 days and had diarrhea the first night but no other stomach symptoms after that. I currently have a stuffy nose and cough that gets worse at night. Is my period early because of the stress this illness has had on my body or is there something else going on? Should I be concerned? I should also mention that I am 25.
georgiagail responded:
A more important question is whether this bleeding even represents a menstrual period or is being caused by some other medical issue that has nothing to do with menstruation.

It is unlikely your stuffy nose and cough is the reason for this unusual vaginal bleeding.