Anon_6333 posted:
I feel like my stomach is constantly bloated.....I feel like i have constant gas bubbles and tend to sorry for the TMI pass gas alot. It is driving me nuts. Note sure what I can do to aleviate this. Should I start by taking a probiotic and see if that helps my digestive track? Any suggestions?
georgiagail responded:
How about keeping a food diary to determine which foods are causing this intestinal gas.

bikinigirl2011 responded:
You should try apple cider vineager. Take 1 or 2 tsp. and put it in hot water, like your making a tea, add some sugar and maybe nutmeg for taste. I usually make about 5 oz of water and season to taste. You will not believe how fast it works it also gets your happy back if you ever have a down day make a cup this stuff is amazing but a little stinky and bitter

Good Luck,
TERRA29 responded:
I been taking probiotic since the beginning of Dec. and has helped me so much you should go ahead and take it.
DAS68 responded:
I have the exact same problems. I think it is related to my cycle and lasts at least 2 weeks every month, if not more. It is uncomfortable,sometimes painful and embarrassing. Food doesn't seem to be the cause. I have been taking probiotics for 3 months which has helped but not alleviated the problem. Taking Advil actually helps because I believe it can be related to progesterones which is another hormone that affects the muscles in the lower stomach. I have had several medical tests and been on different hormones(birth control pills and Depo shot) and nothing shows on any test and nothing seems to help. Good luck and I will keep looking for an answer.