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    Includes Expert Content
    kukla16 posted:
    I had unprotected sex with a guy on 1/4 but the duration was 5 minutes and he wasn't even close to ejaculating. I asked him if he ever got tested for STDs and he told me the last time he got tested was december 2 and it was all negative. He even told me what he got tested for and what kinds of tests he got done. I asked him who he previously had sex with (he doesn't midn talking about it) he said the last unprotected sex was his ex girlfriend in september and the last protected sex was in October. He told me he enjoys getting tested because he likes to know if he is clean or not. he also told me he rarely has sex with random women and awlays uses condoms, but, he made a mistake with me which he feels bad for. Also, I had sex again on 1/6 but we use condoms. On 1/8 I called my OBGYN for light itching and odor, she daignosed me with a yeast infection over the phone, but, I don't think I had a true yeast infection but I took the medicine anyway. I went to my OBYN to get tests on 1/16 for STDs. I am really nervous. Should I ask both guys to get tested again. What is my risk?
    georgiagail responded:
    First guy....who knows? He ALWAYS uses condoms...except he didn't with you....and his exgirlfriend.

    Second risk. A condom was used (and, I'm assuming, used accurately).

    Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP replied to georgiagail's response:
    Dear georgiagail (&kukla16): Gail, you crack me up! Your comment mirrored a thought of mine as well. Yet my role is to answer from a medical perspective.

    I wonder how many men get regularly scheduled STD checks? What tests do they receive? Can a "clean bill of health" work as an inducement to get women to sleep with them?

    When first having sex as a teen I was super naive and trusting. Later, and certainly after seeing GYN patients, I gained a different perspective. kukla16, I admire your willingness to ask these harder questions now. You can turn your experiences into wisdom way sooner than I did.

    Been There,
    kukla16 replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
    Thank you Jane. I got tested all my tests were negative. But I am just nervous because my doctor told me I had bacterial vaginosis. I never had this before and I feel weird about it. I keep searching things online and seeing bad things about it. I don't know if I got because of how many times I had sex with that week or if I actually do have an STD. I can't test for HIV again until April which I am really nervous about. He said he was negative when he got tested December 2 but I am still just really nervous. I have gotten to know him better because we've been hanging out (he didn't even try to have sex with me again) which kind of makes me feel comfortable. I am just so nervous about this BV because I never even heard of it. Do you have any insight on this for me?
    georgiagail replied to kukla16's response:
    Bacterial vaginosis is a fairly common bacterial infection that many women get. It is not an STD but rather an overgrowth of the normal bacteria found in the vaginal tract.

    Your symptoms are not consistent with early stage HIV either.


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