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What is this if not Herpes
An_246312 posted:
Dear All , been looking for some help.... I posted this on the STI page

in january i felt discomfort near my clitoris. When I went to look I had amost a pea sized swelling right under the hood on inner labia. it was not painful to touch and was not blister like or thin skinned - it was swollen circular and a bit hard to touch. i monitored it for a few days the skin looked like it has a tear not circular almost linear. did not crust or leak. i went to the dr who examined it pressed on it a bunch of times tries to make it express by queezing it. Conclusion: its a pimple sometimes they happen down there. went away on its own. no other issue for months. Said it is not herpes even by the way it looks. non-characteristic. non painful. [br>[br>last sexual contact prior to that was in october, condom was used. [br>[br>5 months later a second apprarance this time on the lower inner labia. same side. This sime was a bit more irritated still felt more like a papercut or annoyance then painful. went to the doctor who then ordered blood work specific for HSV1 and HSV2. put me on antivirals and cream and told me to return in 7 days for results. the treatment did not have an impact on the healing process (same like my january experience). the blood test came back negative and he said this is highly highly accurate. Took me off meds and said i must just be very sensitive and things change over time (I am 32) with hormone levels and age and so it could just be infected sebacious glands. [br>[br>Then it happened again one month later, then two months... same spot - same description. - single solid inflamed area on inner labia no blistering or oosing sometimes on close examination i see a line like cut on the skin but no water comes out. other times none at all just resolves within a week or two. not painful to apply pressure just feels like it has been chafed or a bit uncomfortable. but not painful[br>[br>.. he said its likely related to my IBS or other skin sensitivities i have ( I have excema dianosed many years ago but have acute outbreaks every few years that i manage but never had it in my vaginal area before)[br>[br>I started to loose confidence in my dr so i went for a second opinion. I just today. [br>[br>Dr. has ordered HSV 1 and HSV2 igG and igM tests again.... my Q is what could this be. ive been so scared to go back to the dr for results. just so scared want to know what else this sounds like.
An_246312 responded:
I was mistaken my first test was not a PCR it was the igG and igM becuase the results were 4 lines that were read to me one looking for antibody one antibody one for active infection. this was my error in my initial post

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