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Concern for transmission of HSV1 and HSV2
An_249971 posted:

sore& swollen vagina sexual. 2 days later I had a severe sore throat, chills, fever and went to the walk in clinic. (too intoxicated during this event to know what happened)
Concern for transmission of HSV1 and HSV2

-tonsillitis diagnosis antibiotics
- OBGYN physically examined vagina- fine

- 2 small clear bubbles on my mouth lips 1 week after event
- HSV1 culture sample- did not call back for concern
- Urine sample- no concern
- Swab test for STD- fine
- physical examination with camera from OBGYN healthy for vagina
- Genital contact was evident
- No visible sores on vagina
- Friend that I went out with that night got strep throat at the same time and has had a history of cold sores. We shared dinner the the next day after the event

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georgiagail responded:
Testing beats out a voting poll every time.

Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear An: I concur with Gail, but let's reason this out. Friend with whom you shared food (?lover that night as well) was diagnosed with strep throat. Two days later you were also diagnosed with some type of bacterial tonsillitis and received antibiotics. This could cover the fever/chills/sore throat symptoms.

The small clear blisters on the mouth MIGHT have been HSV 1, the culture should be able to confirm this. If you immune system was down due to bacterial infection and you were kissing this friend then you could have acquired HSV 1 as there is a possibility for transmission from another person with no apparent symptoms ("asymptomatic shedding").

STD swab (probably for chlamydia, maybe gonorrhea, possibly for vaginal infections such as trich/BV) was negative. Vaginal exam appeared to be normal. This suggests HSV 2 is less likley. One MIGHT get a genital case of HSV 1 via oral sex, but there would still be blisters and open sores as the viral infection developed.

If you have any genital sores see your GYN or clinic right away. You can be retested if indicated. There are very accurate blood tests available such as the HerpeSelect which can reliably determine the presence of HSV Type 1 or 2.


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