smjpain posted:
Hi Jane so it's been alongtime since I have been on hear alot has happened I am still on antibiotics for a kidney/bladder infection and now the start of a yeast infection. I have been on three antibiotics my immunologyst has done blood work and found that my fighter cells are not working she said all of my counts are very high or very low which she is concerned with but wants to repeat the labs that I just had done that take two weeks and she said if they come back all abnormal she is going to have to more indepth testing like bone marrow and other not fun things. Then there is something else I had a short problem with urine retention had to have a cath in for one night and also my GYN who is treating the bladder/kidney infection took me off my pain medicine to see were my real pain is and on the 1st of feb my pain maingment doctor will be taking over the pain meds stuff she is going to be switching me to morphine pills because they both believe this will help my chronic pain better and right now my Awesome vaginal/abdominal PT women still continues to help me once a week and starting on the 30th every other week she has me keeping a pain diary and we have found me doing my therapy on my own isn't helping as much when she does my vaginal/abdominal therapy because I can't do the things she can do. This week I finally am going to Iowa city to see my Urogyncologyst ARNP before seeing the Urogyncologyst Doctor which I am wondering why I can't just see the doctor my Regular GYN found out that I will probably need surgery and he is also wondering the same thing since I have to drive so far away I mean Jane when I had Urdynamics done my GYN couldn't repeat the symptoms but found out on another exam during Colposcopy which was fine it was just scar tissue I had to sneeze and I peed a little on him. It has gotten so bad every time I stand up I go a little walk up stairs and laugh or cough or walk in the cold. It is so not fun My body just cant take anymore my Immunologyst is thinking some form of Luakemia but not sure yet I am so scared but finally glad my Docs in Mason City and Iowa City are actually doing something.