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rectal vaginal fistula repair failed
my3angels posted:
Hi there!
I'm at home recovering from my 2 attempt to cover this rectovaginal fistula. it failed. within a week the simptoms came back. I need help
anyone with advice recommendations anything please look me up
i'm a single mom to 3 little girls, this is the second FMLA from my job. i'm desprete
help please
look me up Anna lopez gonzalez on facebook
Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP responded:
Dear Anna: If you have not seen the series of posts from women with rectal vaginal fistulas, consider looking at the top of the queue. There should be a post with a subject line regarding time needed for a RV fistula to heal. Within that series of posts are links to other discussion sites for women with RV fistula problems. Gosh, I am so sorry that this had to happen to you. As if you didn't have enough on your plate as a single, working mom.

If your job is balking at more FMLA, your surgeon should be able to write a letter to personnel or the HR office at your place of work.

In Sympathy,
my3angels replied to Jane Harrison Hohner, RN, RNP's response:
Oh My gosh I'm so happy I got a response, I cried.. thank you very much, for your kind words. Yes I have been doing some research online but I have to tell you its all very discouraging. I talked to my Dr yesturday and asked her how many rectal-vaginal fistula repairs she had done she said 6 and then I asked her how many had failed. she said none but mine. I know GOD will heal me I know this is a very big learning experience which will only make me a stronger woman. I wont let this take away my life my mind or my job, I'm planning on going back to work in a week, and If it has not healed I will try the surgery again in about a year. I'm happy to hear from people like you thank you for taking your time and responding to me..
you are a an angel with kind words , I know i'm not alone thank you thank you thank you
mytwosunshinez responded:
Hello, I am one of u too are you still on here? Cept I have not gone through any surgery. An OB (not mine) has silently told me, that if i go for repair, I may need to continue repairing for rest of my life. she suggested to change diet and do kegels to control symptoms if possible to do so. at first i freaked out but thought lets try it. and i tried out and it works i have symptoms, but minimal. I stick to a vegetarian diet and make sure I go to the bathroom every morning, very well before I leave the house.
So how is it going for you did you have surgery how are you healing? sending love and healing